MOST WANTED is based in Cedar City, Utah consisting of 4 of Utah's top professional musicians. They are a versatile, energetic band who've played throughout the West for several years entertaining audiences young and old alike. Their repertoire consists of country, classic rock, disco, oldies and everything in between. MOST WANTED has performed in nearly every type of venue setting as well as opening for major artists. The performance schedule they keep is as busy as anyone could ask for, booking events a year in advance in most cases. With Derrek Adams on drums, Leslie Adams on fiddle and keyboard, Phil Moore on bass, and Gary Lamph on guitars, the experience, talent and fun that these musicians bring to the stage each time they play is an event no one should miss!


“Hey, These Guys Don’t Suck”, - Old Guy From Mesquite

“I’ve Heard Worse”, - Bartender Somewhere In Arizona

“Best Looking Bass Player On The Planet”, - Phil’s Mom

“I Suppose They’re Okay. Are They Done Yet?” - Drunk Girl In Cheyenne

“Of All The Bands I’ve Heard Before, These Guys Are Definitely ONE Of Them”, - Line Dancer From Nevada