Derrek Adams lives in Cedar City, Utah.  Derrek has been playing drums since his early days growing up in St. George, Utah and has been involved with the music scene ever since.  Starting with local bands, he soon found himself playing all over the country professionally, from New York to California and just about everywhere in between.

     During the 90's Derrek joined the Virgin River Band, which toured the western states and opened for many major country artists.  Later, he toured the U.S. with a Las Vegas show band and played for years in the Nevada casinos as well.  His latest, and "greatest" project, has become "Most Wanted".

     Derrek is the driving force in the band, from handling all of the bookings to being the task master, keeping the other members on their toes.  Derrek is the "Front Man", singing lead vocals on the majority of the band's material even though he is on the drums behind the rest of the band.  Derrek has a graceful touch on the skins and is always rock solid, adding just enough without overpowering the songs.